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How Do I Book My Date?


We'll send you over the questionnaire about basics of your wedding day to put together a rental agreement!


Once we've written up a rental agreement, we'll send it over to you for your signature!

Date Retainer

After everyone has signed the rental agreement, all that's left is to pay the 50% date retainer and then you'll be OFFICIAL!

Ready to make it official?

Send us an email at the bottom of the page and we'll get the questionnaire sent over to you!

Your date's available, you've done your tour, checked out the blog and now you're ready to book....
what's next?

1. Complete Rental Agreement Questionnaire

It's as easy as initial and sign!


2. Sign contract and send back to us

We'll sign it and send you a copy!


3. call and pay your date retainer

to solidify your booking, a 50% reservation retainer is required.


4. Get Officially Booked!

Sign, sealed, delivered.. WE'RE YOURS!! OFFICIALLY!

5. Wedding Planning

We aren't wedding planners, but we are here to help! Email or call us and if we can help we will!


6. 60 days out - Rehearsal date set

We'll set your date for you rehearsal so that you and you party can plan accordingly!


7. 30 days out - complete Rehearsal Packet

We'll send this in the email with your rehearsal date! We ask that you send this back to us no later than 30 days before your wedding day. This will give us all the important information we nee for your wedding day.


8. 10 days out - Final Balance & Security Deposit Due

The rest of your rental payment is due 10 days before your wedding. Your security deposit is also due. Your security deposit is refundable given no extra clean up and no damages have been done to any of the facilites!

Wedding Day!!!


From the very beginning to

the day of, extremely helpful

and great communication!

Andy + Melissa, 2018


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Common Questions

What Kind of Send-Offs are we allowed to do?

Get creative! Almost anything is allowed! (within reason!) Some things that are NOT permitted are

  • Unauthorized Fireworks
  • Birdseed
  • Rice or foil confetti
  • Floating Paper Lanterns

Sparklers are allowed on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us to talk about using sparklers for your send off!​

Are tables and chairs provided and do we have to set them up and break them down?

Tables and chairs are provided with your venue rental! Set up and break down of them are handled by Port Gamble Staff.

You are free to use as many or as little tables and chairs as you'd like! We will send you a schematic form to complete so that we can set up the venue just the way you want it!

Do we have to pay for parking?

Parking is FREE and UNLIMITED! We have parking spaces in front of the venue for special guests (Bride + Groom, Parents, Disabled + Wedding Party)

There is an abundance of street parking for your guests, as well as fields at both venues for parking.

Port Gamble Staff will be onsite to direct your guests on where to park!

Do we have to use your vendors?

Not at all! We are happy to show you our preferred vendor list and give vendor suggestions, but they are not required!

The only vendor we require is a Licensed Bartending Service.

Kitsap Bartending Services, The Bustender or Tipsy Gypsy are the ones we recommend if your caterer does not provide one.

When will my rehearsal be?

Your wedding rehearsal is a one-hour complimentary rehearsal a day or two before your wedding day. Port Gamble Staff will be on-site to answer any questions, or lead the rehearsal if you'd like!

How far in advance can we decorate?

Your rental period includes set-up and break down time.

By permission, we may be able to permit items to be dropped off, stored or set up the day before the event.

Where can I get ready the day of?

We will happily provide dressing space in our historic conference rooms at no additional cost, given they are not booked. This facility offers seclusion, a private bathroom and is less than a block from the pavilion.

Please note, the conference rooms MUST be reserved separately. Just reach out to us!

Is there staff on-site during the event?

Yes! We will have staff there from the beginning of the day to the very end!

We will be happy to help everyone down the aisle on the day of, but please remember we are venue coordinators NOT wedding planners.

Our services do not include serving food or alcohol, coordinating the schedule, contacting the vendors, decorating, or other duties not related to the facilities.

Why do you require a licensed bartending service?

We require this for all events for the safety + comfort of your guests! It allows you for peace of mind that over serving will be avoided.

The bartender is responsible for monitoring the alcohol distribution, taking care of all the mixing + serving of the drinks and managing the bar.

Due to this, we require a third-party bartender with a Washington State class-12 alcohol serving permit.

We do not allow self-serving, or friends or family acting as a bartender, even if they are licensed.
The bartender CANNOT be a wedding guest or consume alcohol during your event.

Port Gamble Staff will diligently enforce these regulations. If we witness a guest serving alcohol we will immediately shut down the bar for the rest of the event.

10 days prior to your event, we will need proper documentation of both the banquet license and bartenders permit.

What is the latest we can stay?

All our reservations end at 10:00 pm by default, in accordance with Kitsap County noise regulations. This includes all breakdown and clean up of your event. We recommend that your event at 9:15 pm to allow for breakdown and clean up time.

You can purchase an additional hour at the end of your event to allow for clean up to begin at 10:00 pm, and your reservation to end at 11:00 pm. You must have the additional hour added the month before your wedding to allow for proper staffing.

Should your breakdown and clean up run late, you may be subject to the additional hour fee.

What cleanup am I responsible for?

You are responsible for taking out everything you bring in. Including trash. We have dumpsters for trash and recycling that you can throw your trash into. Your caterer and bartender may do this as a courtesy, but it is your responsibility.

If you use rose petals, you are required to sweep and pick them all up and throw them away. They CANNOT be left on the lawns or thrown into the gardens.

You are not responsible for sweeping, mopping or cleaning the bathrooms.

We ask that you leave the buildings as clean as you found it. Extra cleaning needed or any damages caused may result in a loss of your security deposit.

Breakdown of tables and chairs is covered by Port Gamble Staff.

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